Custom Systems

Pail Shredders

The SRS pail shredding system is designed to shred pails into strips 1″x10″ long or smaller. It will shred plastic or metal pails by utilizing a series of slow speed rotating cutting blades. The pails of sizes 5 gallons or smaller must be fed one at a time into a hopper so they land vertically onto the cutter blade, smaller pails may be inserted the 5 gallon pails provided they do not extend the length of the 5 gallon container which may prevent the pail from turning up vertically in the hopper.

As the pails are shredded a counter will shut down the system when the set-point is reached. If selected a wash cycle will begin and on completion, alert the operator when the basket is ready to be ejected and emptied and the procedure repeated.

A heated caustic solution is used to remove oils and grease from the plastic or metal strips. The fluid is circulated through the wash tank and returned to the caustic tank on completion of the cycle.

Polystyrene Recycling Systems

What is polystyrene?

Polystyrene comes in several shapes and forms. It may come wrapped around your bulb, your egg carton may me made of polystyrene, and even your hot coffee cup may have been constructed of polystyrene due to its insulating capability. In fact polystyrene is the best choice for myriad of purposes ranging from meat trays at the grocery stores, to packing peanuts to molded packaging used to ship almost anything from cosmetics to electronics to toys. Polystyrene’s durable and light weight characteristics make it an excellent medium for several applications.

Most recognize polystyrene by its trademarked Dow Chemical Company name Styrofoam® which in fact is accurately known as polystyrene.

Even though polystyrene packaging makes up only a small fraction of landfill material by weight, it takes up landfill space which is becoming scarce by the day. Moreover the cost to haul away this bulky material can be high, and to seven higher.

Few companies and universities have conducted research on ways to recycle polystyrene. Currently, the best method to accomplish this is to use limonene.  Limonene is an extract derived from citrus fruits which can be used to dissolve and recycle polystyrene for reuse rather than having disposing it which is the present alternative for most companies.

SRS Engineering designs and manufactures system that uses d-limonene to dissolve the polystyrene to produce pellets that could then be reused for various purposes. SRS would supply its polystyrene recycling system to any company that produces mass amounts of polystyrene and thus incur huge polystyrene disposal cost. The industries would include packaging industry, food industry, grocery chains, electronics industry, and video tape industry among many others.

Here’s how the system works:

SRS’ takes the d-limonene and the dissolved polystyrene and runs it through its system which extracts the d-limonene from the liquid polystyrene mixture for reuse. It then takes the liquid polystyrene and forces it through a chamber which cools it down to almost a solid stage at which point it is forced through a palletizer so that the now plastic can be shredded into small pellets for reuse.

The incredible fact is that this recycling method eliminates the disposal volume to one fiftieth reducing the disposal cost to a fraction.

The liquid polystyrene hardens even under room temperature therefore the trick of the equipment is to constantly keep it moving until it shoots out of the pelletizer in a desired plastic from ready to be hauled away.

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