Acextra MPC

The SRS solvent (Acextra MPC) blend is designed to aggressively attack both solvent and water based coatings on press parts and works better at lower operating temperatures than other alternative solvents or NMP based solvents, when used in spray wash systems.  Acextra MPC is commonly used in the Rotogravure and Flexographic Industries.

The non-flammable formulation has a health hazard rating of 1 and is safe for employees and the environment. It contains no ODS, HAPS, or SARA 313 reportable and is not listed on RCRA.
It excels in wetting the surface, swelling the coating and carrying the dispersed material off the part.
MPC washes and dries faster than other alternative solvents, thus reducing cleaning and cycle time.
MPC distillates are recoverable in a vacuum distillation unit for endless reuse.

Although we always recommend protective clothing whenever solvents are being used, this particular solvent is designed to not burn the skin or cause any irritation. The smell is “fragrant by nature” and is far less offensive than many of its counterparts.  This solvent will also not destroy your work boots and works well with most floor coatings. It is non-flammable and presents a health hazard of 1. Acextra MPC is also much easier on equipment which greatly reduces maintenance and replacement of seals.

Note:  The drying ability is faster than our competitors based on tests at our site and at customer locations.

Acextra MPC has been formulated to meet your toughest demands for cleaning processing equipment and parts. It has been field tested and proven to be the best product in its class. The following outlines show reasons why the converter industry that uses MPC are so satisfied with its outstanding performance:

Benefits of Alternative Solvents:

  • Very pleasant and fresh odor.
  • Non-toxic. No ODS, HAPS, or SARA 313 reportable. Not on RCRA
  • Safe for employees and environment
  • High flashpoint (149 F / 66 C)
  • Works well with all type of Inks, Water based, solvent based and oil based, UV
  • Drop-in replacement, no need to modify your existing equipment or processes.
  • Shorter washout time.
  • Shorter drying time.
  • Process time remains relatively constant.
  • PH Neutral

An engineering study is available to assure maximum manageability in your current system or in a new SRS Wash system.  Call us today for more information.

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