CMP-Series Case Studies


A Real SRS Engineering Customer Story – An International oil company from the Middle East came to SRS Engineering looking for a compactor that can stand up to the rigors of their demanding industry as well as the punishing desert environment.  SRS proposed and was commissioned to build a CMP-60 Compactor to meet their requirements.

The CMP-60 offered 60,000 lbs. of compaction force and cycle time of about 50 seconds.  The unit was designed to compact their daily inventory working 24 hours a day.  The CMP-60 system contained an easy load tray to speed up the loading and unloading of the drums.  SRS also added a liquid removal feature to the unit which allowed them to easily and conveniently dispose of the liquids. The explosion proof option provided safe operations in a highly hazardous environment.

The CMP-60 system works to the client’s satisfaction and has done so reliably since the initial installation.  It has also helped the oil company become more productive and has saved them substantial dollars with the disposal cost of the drums.

 This unit is currently approved by the GSA

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