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According to Reuters…Four out of five of the largest companies in the world outsource to India and the cost savings to outsource to India is typically 40-50 percent.


From cleaning services, customer care and support to IT services, outsourcing has become the way of corporate lifestyle. Today’s forward-thinking corporations farm out services not only because the costs are often less than doing it in-house but also because there are companies out there that know how to do it faster, better and cheaper. Why do it in house when you can get it better and cheaper outsourced?


Cost is the main reason why thousands of European and US companies outsource to India. Companies claim to have saved anywhere from 40-50% by farming their engineering services to India. The added benefit is the availability of a variety of specialty in various fields of engineering at no additional cost or staffing requirement.


Quality and Value – outsourcing enables a company to have access to personnel with variety of skills and experience levels in various disciplines without having to put them on their payroll. This helps the quality of the project immensly. 


Technology – when you outsource you have access to the latest technologies in software and hardware. Technologies that if purchased in-house would be costly and therefore often unfeasible.  


Reduced Overhead is also a motivating factor. Outsourcing enables you to cut back on expensive office space, greatly reduce or eliminate the use of costly software and hardware and other office equipment necessary to sustain employees. Companies can increase or decrease their services based on projects which eliminates employee idle time during slow times. 


Growth Opportunities – most companies that outsource claim to have resources to focus on core administrative functions that facilitate growth. The capital saved as a result of outsourcing allow these companies to concentrate on marketing and sales which promotes growth and increases market share.


The Time Zone Advantage – The US and UK customers find the time zone difference very advantageous as they can practically run their business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This cuts down the project completion schedule significantly. Also, companies that are customer service oriented can have available to their customers a 24/7/365 support.


SRS’ Team of Engineers in India provide complete engineering services and solutions to customers. Our decades of experience in the process industry, low cost, and our experience in diverse industries help you with your bottom line.


With SRS Engineering India, you get the expertise and the cost effectiveness that you would expect from India along with the peace of mind that your project is backed up by a reputable United States Corporation. 


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