Drum Washer/Crusher (DWC-Series)

Drum Washer/Crusher

SRS Engineering’s drum washer/crusher system (DWC-Series) is designed for applications that require washing of the drums prior to crushing the drums for disposal. Instead of a separate drum washer and a separate compactor, the drum washer/crusher accomplishes both the jobs in one unit – thus saving time and money.

SRS’ Drum Washing/Crushing systems (DWC-Series) are custom designed to suit the customer’s unique application and requirements and can be developed for aqueous or solvent applications. The Drum washer/crusher unit can also accommodate triple-rinse and other such EPA handling and disposal requirements.

For units designed solely for drum washing, see our DW-Series washers.

DWC-Series Standard Features:

  • High press washes inside surfaces of open and bung top 30 and 55 gallon drums
  • Designed for water or caustic wash applications
  • Heavy-duty Uni-body welded construction
  • Galvanized steel internal piping
  • View window for washer / compaction chamber
    Rotating wash nozzle with high impingement spray nozzle and assembly
  • Moving wash assembly for drum interior surface washing
  • Adjustable high pressure wash to 12 GPM and 250 P.S.I (standard 5 GPM)
  • Electric wash pump
  • Pneumatic (double diaphragm) return / scavenger pump
  • Internal gradient liquid reservoir with sensor
    90,000 Lbs RAM force (for maximum compaction for maximum storage capabilities)
  • Pressure monitoring system
  • 4″ duct for ventilation ( to be tied into customer ventilation system)
  • Drum piercing system with heavy duty tear-through design for laborious use which creates internal-only sharp-edged pieces of drum and creates a much safer stacking of crushed drums.
  • Lower section drain piercing mechanism for added drainage (internal tear only)
    Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Operator terminal with color touch screen display for fully adjustable controls with password protection and cycle counter for system monitoring
  • Safety switch with automatic shut down for fault conditions
  • Solid hydraulic cylinder 4″ shaft with 7″ cylinder
  • Heavy-duty cylinder guide sleeves for dependability of cylinder for rigorous uses
    15 Horsepower motor
  • Programmable delay for system shut-down (helps maintain cooler oil Temp)
  • Hydraulic oil radiator (for longer operation)
    480 3 Phase/ 60Hz or other
  • Pre wired with single point connections for field installation
  • Maintenance, Training manual, and itemized parts list
  • Drawings and manufacturer inserts provided
  • One year Limited Warranty

Conveyor unit:

The conveyor option is an inline automatic feed drum washing/crushing system which indexes the drums into position.

  1. A platen secures the drum while a hydraulic punch penetrates the top and the bottom of the drum simultaneously.
  2. The punches withdraw and the wash head is inserted.
  3. The wash cycle is then performed after which the head withdraws and the platen completes the down stroke crushing the drum.
  4. The drum is then ejected to a discharge conveyor which completes the entire process cycle.

Conveyor Unit Features:

  • Compaction chamber staging system (3) drum capacity hopper (For automatic operation)
  • Rail lift guide with loader and locking mechanism (Reduces lift factor of drums)
  • Internal container rolling guide platform for consistent compaction and alignment
  • Automatic drum ejection system for drum placement to (bin or conveyor provided by customer) 10″L X 5″W X 7″H (Note: Width has input chute (6′) and output (2′) chute)

Explosion Resistant Package Features:

  • Explosion resistant motors, controls and air purged control panel with Class 1, Division 1 wiring. (Note: Explosion proof models must be Nitrogen purged)
  • Exhaust blower with internal ducting and controls (Explosion proof models)
  • IBC Tote wash assembly with programming and Automatic valve
  • Solvent wash option
  • Exterior drum washing

DWC-Series Principle of Operation:

1. Remove the bung tops or drum covers.

2. Place the drums on the gravity roller conveyor (bung hole down).  This allows any liquids to drip into a drip tray located under the conveyor, which flows into the sump.

3. The drums are released as required and moved to position #1, where a linear actuator pushes them onto a dolly track into Position #2, one at a time.

4. In position #2, a hydraulically operated auto punch punctures a hole in the bottom of the drum (this is done from the top, as the drum is inverted).  This hole is always at the same position at the center of the drum.

5. The drum is indexed to position #3 on the dolly track, where a spray head is lowered into the drum through the punched hole, and an automatic wash operation is performed.  The wash is performed by a high volume, high pressure spray from rotating wash heads (up to 20GPM @ up to 150 psi).  The dirty wash water is released through the bung hole at the bottom, and recirculated to the sump and an external tank.  Heated water can be used as an option, if desired.

6. After the wash, the dolly moves the drum to the crushing area, where it is crushed with a 60,000 pound compactor in position #4.  This reduces the drum to a height of 3-4 inches (depending on the steel gauge of the drum).

7. The crushed drum is then dropped into a bin, or onto another conveyor, as desired.

Note:  The only labor involved is the removal of the bung top and placement of the drum upside down on the gravity conveyor.  The rest is automatic and requires no manual operation.

This system is constructed of stainless steel and comes completely assembled and pre-tested ready to be installed in place.


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SRS Engineering Corporation is the leading manufacturer of drum washer/crusher units.  The DWC-Series Drum Washer/Crusher was designed for applications such as 30 gallon drum washing, 55 gallon drum washing, and other custom washing applications.

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