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SRS Engineering’s CAD Services offers CAD Design and Drafting services for mechanical, electrical, structural, and architectural purposes. Our experienced drafting engineers are experts in 3D and 2D drafting and CADD design services.  

Outsourcing drafting or Computer Aided Design and CAD drawings has several advantages. Our specialty and talent in the field will increase your productivity and turn around time for all CAD related services. It will take the task off your hands and put it in the trusted hands of our engineers and drafters who collaborate their expertise to get the job done correctly. More and more companies are outsourcing their CAD / Drafting services because it truly is cost effective.

Our CAD Services is also designed to accommodate customers and small businesses who do not have resources to justify a full time in-house drafters; customers who occasionally need CAD / drafting services. This allows the company to save time and money and direct those resources to market and expand their products.

Our drafters use AutoCAD software however drawings are made available in several different formats including DWG, JPG, PDF, TIF and DXF.

Click Here to see an example of Assembly Drawing

 We offer:

  • Product Design and Development
  • CAD Conversion Services – Our drafters are proficient in several software including AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and Vector Works
    • Paper to CAD Conversions
    • PDF to CAD Conversions
    • BMP, TIFF, JPEG to CAD Conversions
    • Hand Scribbles to CAD Conversions
    • CAD Redrafting and Conversions
    • Photographs to CAD Conversions
    • Vellum or Blue Prints to CAD Conversions 
  • CAD Migration Services
    • Migration from antiquated to the latest CAD systems
    • Migration from one CAD platform to another CAD platform
  • 2D CAD Services  
  • 3D Solid Modeling Design for Engineering / Architectural / Construction Industries
    • Detail renderings, basic wire frame images and CAD files
    • Accurate 3D models for analysis, conceptual design and manufacturing
    • Essential if used in Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), and in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) applications
  • Steel Structure Design
  • Mechanical Drafting Drawings
  • Fabrication and Manufacturing Drawings including Isometrics
    • Machining, welding, and assembly drawings
    • Mechanical schematics, sections and detailing
    • 2D machinery parts
    • Fabrication drawings with mechanical components
  • Plant Walk-throughs
    • Provides a lifelike understanding of scale and dimensions of a conceptual idea
    • Helps validate a layout, establish maintenance clearances, etc. 
  •  Electrical / Instrumentation cabling layout and details
    • Create an optimal cable and equipment layout for your plant
    • Assume your layout and prepare bill of materials for cables and accessories, cable schedules, prepare cable details and diagrams

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