Training Tools

Manuals are supplied on a CD to every client.  Each CD Includes:

  • Color Manual with pictures and detailed instructions
  • Manufacturer inserts (PDF versions) with each instrument representing a bookmark.
  • Allows maintenance department to easily access the specifications on each instrument within minutes.
  • Parts list and spare part spreadsheets with customer prices and available delivery and tag ID numbers.  Links to our central inventory management software to indicate in house inventory and estimated lead time.


DVD Training and Maintenance Video provides:   

  • How do you bring new team members up to speed?
  • How to you share information quickly and make it interesting and compelling?
  • How can you allow people to learn at their own pace?

Our DVD based training is an effective way of providing helpful, interactive, self-paced training. It is formatted to work with a DVD player or a DVD-ROM drive on your computer. The viewer has the option to watch the entire video or navigate through the Chapter Menu to jump to a desired portion of the training.  Every video is customized to each customer and their specific equipment.

SRS’ high quality DVD training and maintenance video includes detailed training clips along with commentaries on:  

  • Available features and their functional operation
  • Dismantling and assembling each instrument
  • How to operate and maintain the equipment for years to come
  • Possible trouble areas along with corrective approaches to troubleshoot problems and in a step by step process

Benefits of Video Training:

  • Allows detail training and retraining to personnel in the event of turnover
  • Helps maintain equipment avoiding long downtime due to inexperienced maintenance personnel
  • Instantaneous payback in case problem occurs
  • Provides maintenance personnel with a higher comfort level with the equipment and its operations

When you lose a valuable employee, you also lose:

  • Historical knowledge of equipment and systems, including modifications
  • System engineering knowledge
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Decision-making and problem-solving abilities (which may include detection, diagnosis, solution selection and implementation).

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