Universal Automatic Washer – MW-Series (Drum Washing, Pail Washing, Printing Press Component Washing, Parts Washing)

The MW-Series washers are designed to wash a wide variety of containers ranging from drums, 5 gallon pails, cans and an assortment of items to printing press components, in both solvent and aqueous applications.

The containers and/or parts are placed in a series of pre-designed cart configurations, which are then inserted in an enclosed wash chamber. Wash nozzles are located so as to wash both the interior and (optionally) exterior surfaces. A wash, pause and rinse cycle is automatically executed under the control of a programmable logic controller (PLC).

The wash cycle re circulates the solvent (or water) from a dirty solvent tank. The rinse cycle can either re circulate to a clean solvent tank, or draw from a clean solvent source and discharged to the dirty solvent tanks.

Standard Features and Options:

  • Stainless Steel interior and exterior
  • Non sparking aluminum grated floor
  • Internal gradient sump with level sensors
  • Hinged door with view window with safety switch
  • Vapor tight seals to control fugitive VOC emissions
  • NEMA 4 electrical components
  • Air, Nitrogen or CO2 purge valve
  • Exhaust port
  • High pressure pump and valves to 350 PSI @ 50 gpm
  • Rinse pump and valves
  • Scavenger pump and valves
  • Microprocessor Controller (PLC) in NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Operator terminal with touch screen display
  • Pre-wired for field installation
  • Nozzle assemblies and pump (to 350 psi @ 50gpm) to wash exterior surfaces
  • Air Purge for NEMA 4X Enclosure for Explosion Rating (includes all wiring)
  • Exhaust fan with Class 1, Division 1 motor and non-sparking impeller with stainless steel internal ducting
  • Visual status indicator light system (PLC controlled)
  • Refrigerated vapor condenser to -40 degrees F for VOC control
  • Blow-out panel (to be ducted to an outside area)
  • Drying and vapor recovery cycles for alternative solvents

All MW-Series washers utilize a Closed Loop System Configuration.


 Drum wash cart assembly (for 3 drums) includes 3 wash nozzles


Pail wash cart assembly for (12) 5 gallon pails or (9) 10 gallon pails (not shown)


Wash cart for printing press components






A Real Customer Testimonial – “I have been involved with press parts washing for over 20 years. I have witnessed parts being cleaned in Renzmann Top Loads, Renzmann Model 300s, PRI SWS-300s, PRI SWS-400s, SRS MW-200s, SRS MW-1000s and SRS MW-1500s washers.

They used anything from Alcohols, Acetates, MEK, Toluene, HCS, H-02, MPC and MPC-1. I can honestly say that the SRS wash systems wash better due to the high pressure spray and the primary cleaning from their carts.

I witnessed an SRS MW-200 washer using the new SRS alternative solvent RIS 4563-A formula and was blown away. These parts are from a Gravure press and sat for 6 days while the washer was being installed. The total cleaning cycle was set at 45 minutes. That includes wash, rinse, dry and VOC recovery.”




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