Pail Washer Case Studies


A Real SRS Customer Story:  A large US paint producer came to SRS Engineering looking for a solution for removing old dried up paint from their one gallon pails and lids.   The workers had the daunting task of washing approximately 4 pails/lids every 5 minutes.  This task required not only a substantial amount of time, but manpower.  Removing cured paint from pails requires equipment that can not only handle flammable contaminants but can also handle the workload.

The paint producer had previously used Acetone to wash the paint from their pails and had done so using manual labor.  The company came to us wanting to clean their pails more thoroughly and in a faster time frame. SRS provided them with a PW-Series washer, specifically a PW-4 Model.  This equipment allowed them to cut their labor time in half and accomplish more work in less time.  Ultimately the system allowed them to wash their pails with a simple switch to “set it and forget it”. This also kept harmful fumes away from the workers who were directly exposed previously.  Their PW-3 also gave them the liberty to use other solvents if need be since the unit was not limited to using Acetone only. 

 This unit is currently approved by the GSA



Additional PW-4 Photos Below:


A Real SRS Engineering Customer Story – A customer involved in the rotogravure printing required a washer to wash the interior and exterior of 5 Gallon pails contaminated with inks from their printing process.  The company was washing approximately 30-40 pails over an 8 hour shift using Ethel acetate solvent as their wash solution. The cleaned pails then had to be rinsed.

Utilizing a multi-container wash rack, SRS Engineering designed a customized 6 pail rack to wash 6 pails in one wash cycle using the PW-Series, specifically the PW-6. Utilizing a high pressure wash pump the PW-6 was able to remove ink residue from the interior and exterior surfaces of their parts.  To save the customer money, SRS Engineering incorporated a wash re-circulation cycle into the PW-6 design.  This wash cycle saved the customer money by giving them the ability to reuse the same washing solution multiple times, rather than wasting dollars replacing dirty solvent after each wash cycle.  This option saved the printing company a substantial amount of money by not having to continually buy expensive washing solution.

With the PW-6 pail washing system, the customer now has the ability to choose the number of cycles while controlling the various other operational aspects of the unit by using our programmable logic controller (PLC).  Since solvents are volatile compounds and are highly explosive, the explosion proof option was incorporated to ensure overall safety of the unit. By utilizing explosion resistance motors, controls, and air purged control panel with Class 1, Division 1 wiring, SRS was able to meet the stringent New Zealand’s flame proof, zone 0 approval. The unit currently performs to the customer’s satisfaction and has done so reliably.

 This unit is currently approved by the GSA


A Real SRS Engineering Customer Story – A large Canadian pharmaceutical company came to SRS looking for a washing solution for their 5 gallon pails which were contaminated with various pharmaceutical materials.  The pails had to be washed to a pharmaceutical grade standard on both the interior and exterior.  The company was washing approximately 135-150 pails per 16 hour day.

Utilizing a multi-container wash rack, SRS Engineering designed a PW-8 Series unit for this pharmaceutical company.  The 316L Stainless Steel customized 8 pail rack washer gave them the ability to wash up to 8 pails in one wash cycle.  The PW-8 Series also gave the company the ability to wash multiple different sizes of containers ranging from a small 6 ounce container to a larger 5 gallon pail.  The washer utilized Pharmaceutical pumps and tri-clover connections to wash, rinse and sanitize the pails using deionized water.

Prior to implementing the PW-8 Series washer, the pharmaceutical company was washing these containers by hand which was quite laborious and time consuming.  Due to anticipated growth within the company, an automated washer unit like the PW-8 was a necessity to put into operation.

This unit is currently approved by the GSA

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A Real SRS Engineering Customer Story – A large fortune 500 company specializing in ink, photo-polymers, and proprietary chemicals came to SRS Engineering looking for a pail washer to wash the interior and exterior of multiple sized containers (1 Liter to 5 Gallon pails) and hoses.  The containers and hoses were all contaminated with inks and proprietary compounds and in the current process, were being washed with a special concentrated detergent.  The company was washing anywhere from 150-200 containers per 8 hour day.

The Carbon Steel washer the company was currently using had corroded to the point of non use after only 2 years in service.  Their current washer only washed 50% of the parts that needed to be washed and was not capable of washing any specialty hoses.  SRS designed a PW-12 series washer to eliminate the problems this company was currently facing.  The new SRS PW-12 washer was a 316L Stainless Steel, dual 6 pail system with independent controls, and independent insulated and steam heated wash sumps.  It was also engineered to fit through small doorways and conform to the customer’s current control standards.

By implementing the PW-12 series washer into their daily work flow, the customer was now able to wash 100% of their parts, including specialty hoses, and all within a faster, more efficient manner.  They noticed within less than 3 months that they had experienced a 100% return on their investment.


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