Customer Testimonials

Methanol Recovery Testimonials

Testimonial #1

We recently recovered some methanol that contained as much as 25% water. The average percent water on the inlet was 5 to 10%. We were able to lower that to less than 100 ppm water with the SRS column. Some of our analytical data showed the samples to have as low as 40 to 50 ppm water. We chose to lower the ppm to 100 and not use the extra energy to lower it further. We have a Brinkman Karl Fisher Coulometer that we use in the lab to monitor the water concentration closely. We do not have analytical data but know that we were also removing soap, glycerin, and biodiesel from the methanol. Our product methanol was crystal clear.

Testimonial #2

This letter serves to confirm our recent conversation regarding the performance of the Methanol Drying Column which SRS Engineering provided to us for our biodiesel production plant in Indiana.  The column is presently operating in the excess of the specified flow rate of 1000 pounds per hour and is producing specification methanol from the overhead and specification bottoms.  The Methanol Drying Column is performing at this level despite the fact that the original specification provided to SRS changed once on our site.  SRS worked diligently to accommodate our needs.

Testimonial #3

Solvent Recovery System

System is doing very well.  Everybody is very happy with it from Senior management to operators and engineers.  This certainly makes me look good.  Saving the company a fortune, believe me

Norman – Printing and Packing Company in Scotland

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