Custom Wash Applications

Industrial Custom Wash Applications

SRS Engineering Corporation is continuously adding new products to their line-up.  Here are some examples of custom wash applications:

  • Automatic Tote Washer/Dryer with Indexing Conveyors
  • Wash Bath Systems
  • Container Lifting/Inverting System

Automatic Tote Washer and Dryer with Indexing Conveyors for High Volume Cleaning Applications.   

The CTW-Series is a totally automated tote washer for the food, pharmaceutical or chemical manufacturing industry.  The system is designed to wash and rinse containers with a suitable wash solution, such as hot water as is being used in the system shown above, before going through a drying chamber.  Totes are loaded onto an automated conveyor system, equipped with position sensors and moved through the entire cycle without manual intervention.

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 Conveyorized Ramp

 Tote in Washer

 Dryer Blower



SRS automatic solvent distillation systems are equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure.   The PLC monitors a series of sensors to verify proper liquid levels, flows, temperatures and container position before starting and executing the cycle.  Any fault condition is diagnosed and clear status messages are displayed on the controller panel to ensure operator safety and ease of operation.  The system automatically shuts off in the event of a fault condition or at the end of the cycle. 

Stainless steel is used throughout the CTW-Series system, for optimal endurance, corrosion resistance and appearance.  A chain conveyor system ensures positive contact with the containers for a smooth and continuous movement throughout the system.







Wash Bath Systems

The WB-100 is a totally enclosed wash bath & automatic solvent system for special cleaning applications such as ink pumps, hoses fittings & small parts.  This system includes wash pumps to constantly flow solvent over and through items to assist in the most demanding cleaning applications. The system is equipped with controls which allow the operator to automatically return spent solvent to the wash solvent supply source and refill the bath with clean solvent as needed. The SWB-100 can be fitted with racks and manifolds suitable for applications where pumps and hoses require special handling.

Stainless steel is used in the construction of all SRS wash bath systems for optimal endurance, corrosion resistance and appearance. These systems are typically installed with vapor recovery systems and are suitable for all explosion resistant Class 1, Division 1 environments.

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Container Lifting/Inverting System

The DTT-12 is a versatile container tilting system suitable for drums and tanks of up to 1,000 pounds. A conveniently adjustable cradle and fastening mechanism with adapt to any size container. This system is designed to invert containers such as drums and tanks with no bottom drains, in order to be placed in an SRS automatic washing system. This system uses a complete hydraulic system for smooth and safe operation.


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SRS Engineering Corporation is the leading manufacturer of Custom Automatic Washing and Cleaning Systems.  A few of the custom wash applications are automatic tote washer and dryer with indexing conveyors, wash bath systems and container lifting and inverting systems.

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