Solvent Storage Tank

SRS Engineering Corp. offers a family of standard solvent storage tanks used in a variety of applications in cleaning and solvent distillation systems. In cleaning and distillation applications where a high concentration of solids occur, SRS utilizes conical bottom designs to allow the heavier materials to collect at the bottom for easy removal, either through an automatic fill system in distillation applications or through transfer pumping systems to other locations. In cleaning applications, where the solvent is re circulated to the wash system, internal baffles are used to assist in the effective and maintenance free solids removal.

Dual Wash/Rinse Tank for Automatic Closed Loop Wash Application


Non Insulated


Insulated with Heater

Stainless steel is used in the construction of all SRS solvent or water storage tanks for optimal endurance, corrosion resistance and appearance. These tanks are typically installed with level sensor which are suitable for all explosion resistant Class 1, Division 1 environments.



300 Gallon Tank with Mixer



                   400 Gallon Tank



500 Gallon Clean and Dirty
Solvent Tanks for
Distillation Applications



800 Gallons with Front
Clean Out Hatch
and Transfer Pump   



75 Gallon Transfer Tank        
and Pump for
Distillation Applications

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