SRS offers a line of industrial cleaning chemicals, including alternative solvents, to meet your washing and cleaning requirements.  These chemicals work well in industries such as gravure and flexographic printing and are designed and varied to meet your specific washing and heat transfer requirements.

SRS provides testing on your washing and cleaning solutions at our facility at no charge to you. We will do a comparison analysis of our solvent and the solvent you currently use to ensure an equal or better wash of your parts. These solvents are designed to compete with solvents that were made specifically for the flexographic and gravure industry.  These chemicals are typically extremely hard on floors, equipment, shoes, hands, skin, and have a particularly offensive smell.  They also require protective gloves and clothing to be worn at all times. Their hazard rating is 2.

SRS Engineering’s Industrial Cleaning Chemicals: 

  • Made of A Non Flammable Cleaning Agent
  • Have a Very Low Vapor Pressure Agent
  • Are Recoverable in a Distillation Unit
  • Clean both Water and Solvent Based Coatings
  • Excel in wetting the surface, swelling the ink build-up, and carrying the dispersed material

SRS Engineering Corporation is proud to offer the following line of industrial chemicals for industrial cleaning and washing requirements:

If you have any questions about our industrial cleaning chemicals or would like us to test your current product(s) and provide you with a cost analysis, please give us a call.  We will be happy to provide all of this to you at no charge! 

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